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Math Picture Book for Kids aged 3 to 5 : Spatial Concepts

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Explore a fantastic math picture book created just for parents who teach their kids at home and elementary school teachers. Dive into the enchanting world of spatial concepts with our exceptional creation, "Math Picture Book for Kids Aged 3 to 5 : Spatial Concepts."

Spatial concepts are like the building blocks for understanding how things fit together in the world around you. When kids read this book, they will learn about how things are arranged in the space around them.

Fun2Do Labs is an innovative EdTech startup pioneering "Transmedia Education" for primary school students that uses technology to make learning fun. We don't just want learning to happen in classrooms, we want it to be as enjoyable as going to an amusement park!

Imagine doing math before bedtime with your favourite characters. This book is all about math, but it is a colourful and cheerful picture book. Your little learners will surely love it, whether they are at home, learning with their parents, or at school with their friends and teachers.

Let's start a fun journey with Uncle Math School and learn about "Spatial Concepts" with our friendly characters.

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This picture book for kids will let you teach spatial concepts to them

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Math Picture Book for Kids aged 3 to 5 : Spatial Concepts