Uncle Math - Home School Kit (9 to 11 year old kids)


This product has been created to help parents and teachers to introduce Math concepts to kids aged 9 to 11 years. The product contains Math stories in comic form and animated video form, visual posters and visual worksheets with solutions.

This is the first product in the world which uses 'Transmedia Storytelling' techniques for Math education. We have created a virtual teacher called Uncle Math who teaches Math to kids in a fun way!

The following broad topics are covered in this product :

1. Large Numbers

2. Operations On Large Numbers

3. Factors And Multiples

4. Fractions

5. Decimals

6. Percentage

7. Money - Profit And Loss - Simple Interest

8. Time

9. Measurement

10. Area, Perimeter And Volume

11. Geometry - Lines And Angles

12. Geometry - Circles, Triangles And Nets

13. Patterns

14. Symmetry

15. Data Handling

16. Integers

17. Other Topics

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Lots of Math Story Comics, Math Story Animated Videos, Math Posters and Math Worksheets with solutions.

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Uncle Math - Home School Kit (9 to 11 year old kids)

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