Uncle Math - Home School Kit (6 to 8 year old kids)


Are you a parent or educator looking for an innovative and engaging way to introduce math concepts to children aged 6 to 8 years? Look no further! Our advanced homeschool teaching kit has been carefully designed to attract young learners and turn maths into an engaging adventure.

Our teaching kit combines the magic of comics and animated videos with the power of transmedia storytelling to revolutionize math education for young minds. We have created a virtual teacher called Uncle Math who teaches Math to kids in a fun way with his innovative teaching techniques!

Our teaching kit also includes visually stunning posters and engaging worksheets with solutions which reinforces key concepts. With these invaluable teaching resources, children will develop a deep understanding of math while enhancing their problem-solving abilities.

Let's take a brief look at the fascinating topics covered in this homeschool kit : 

1. Plane Shapes (2D Shapes)

2. Numbers

3. Number Comparison

4. Place Value

5. Addition

6. Subtraction

7. Multiplication

8. Division

9. Money

10. Time

11. Fractions

12. Metric Measures

13. Geometry

14. Solid Shapes

15. Basic Patterns And Sequencing

16. Data Handling

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Lots of Math Story Comics, Math Story Animated Videos, Math Posters and Math Worksheets with solutions.

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Uncle Math - Home School Kit (6 to 8 year old kids)

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