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Math Stories for Kids

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The majority of the kids in the world find Maths boring and challenging. This is actually untrue. Math is one of the most significant subjects that is used frequently in day-to-day activities.

As a teacher or parent do you find it difficult to teach Maths? Do not worry! We have you covered.

Fun2Do Labs is pioneering the world's first transmedia education system to teach Math through visual stories, posters, cartoon films, songs and many more. To begin with, we have crafted engaging Math stories.

In this downloadable package, you will get 25 e-books of high-quality visual stories which can be used to introduce basic math concepts to kids.

The 25 Math concepts covered are as follows:

1. Types Of Lines : A Night At The Amusement Park

2. Circle And Its Basic Properties : Trip To Candy Land

3. Square And Its Basic Properties : When Squaro Is Upset

4. Rectangle And Its Basic Properties : The Pole Mystery

5. Triangle And Its Basic Properties : The Rocky Pointed Land

6. Counting Up To 10 : Triho’s Surprise Birthday Party

7. Forward and backwards counting up to 10 : Triho And the Hurdle Race

8. Ordinal Numbers Up To 10 : Fun Time At The Sanctuary

9. Counting Up To 100 : The Lighthouse And Its Steps

10. Introduction To Number Comparison : Who Ran More?

11. Number Comparison Using <, =, > : Max - The Number Alligator

12. Ascending And Descending Order: The Office Attack

13. Introduction To Addition : Who Ate More Ice Creams?

14. Introduction To Subtraction : Fun With Ms Subtract

15. Introduction To Zero : Camping and Zero

16. Introduction To Polygons And Non-Polygons : The Polygon Mess

17. Differentiate Between Circle, Semi-Circle And Oval Shape : All About Car Making

18. Counting In Tens And Ones : Uncle Science And His Farm

19. Introduction To 3 Digit Place Value : One With The Tallest Building

20. Even Numbers And Odd Numbers : Fun With Mr Perfect Pair

21. Associative Property Of Addition : Who Can Count Faster?

22. The Relationship Between Addition And Subtraction : Cirha’s Trouble

23. Introduction To Multiplication : Fun Time With Mr Multiply

24. Introduction To Multiplication Tables: Cirho's Number Phobia

25. Fractions And Equivalent Fractions : Trip To Pizza Planet

BONUS MATERIAL (Limited Time Offer) : You will also get 95 textual stories which you can use for teaching Maths. These textual Math stories cover around 100 Math topics.

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Teach your kids Math through stories

Number of Math Stories
Age Group
3 to 10 years

Math Stories for Kids